Get Rid of the Haters and the Naysayers

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I have interacted with in the past. I realized that, in retrospect, many of them were nothing but toxic. This became very clear to me when I reviewed Grant Cardone’s book, Be Obsessed or Be Average. He identifies two types of people that you should avoid because they exude nothing but negative energy. These people are the “Haters” and the “Naysayers.” I happen to agree with him and I go out of my way to avoid them as much as I can. All they do is drain your energy and enthusiasm and leave you feeling crappy.


It goes without saying that you need to avoid Haters from interacting with you. Haters are people who want the worst for you and try to prevent you from succeeding. They say or do things to purposely hinder your progress. Allowing this type of person to get under your skin will sap your enthusiasm and derail your plans. Worse yet, you’ll fall right into their trap.


Naysayers should also be avoided. Naysayers are people who have made it a habit of expressing pessimistic views about everything. What’s worse, Naysayers are often close friends and relatives. These are people who may love you and want the best for you but have a general negative attitude about everything. Because they want to protect you, they tell you that everything is impossible so they can prevent you from getting disappointed. They discourage you and try to get you to take less risks. Exposing yourself to them will depress you and dampen your progress. Avoiding friends and family may be difficult but it is essential that you set limits on them when it comes to sharing your goals. I’m not saying that you should ignore your family but that doesn’t mean that you need to involve them in your plans for success. They’ll likely just point you in the wrong direction.


In short, get rid of the Haters and the Naysayers and, instead, surround yourself with people who empower you. The world throws enough challenges your way so there’s no need to add to your stress by interacting with energy-sapping people. Try to seek people who are achievers and lead a well-balanced life. Surrounding yourself with winners will get you to perform at a higher level. As Tony Robbins says, “you are your peer group” so make sure your peers are winners.


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