Happy and successful businesspeople

Hire Highly Capable Employees with a Winning Attitude

In business and in life, try to surround yourself with the most intelligent, capable and uplifting people you can find. Hiring less-than-qualified employees to save money will end up costing you in the long run.

While your goal should be to run a cost-effective and efficient operation, you should strive to add the most skilled individuals that you can – even if it will cost you more. In fact, hiring qualified people will enable you to get more productivity out of your team, thereby allowing your operation to stay lean.

Similarly, make sure your team is made up of people with a positive, winner mentality. Don’t allow any nay-sayers or negative thinkers into your organization. They will sap everyone’s energy and only bring you down. I’ve learned this the hard way and I’ve had to shed these type of people from my organization. They weren’t any fun when they were working for me and it wasn’t any fun getting rid of them either.

In summary, happy and successful business people make for a better team and lead to a winning organization. As they say, you are your peer group. Surround yourself with winners and you’ll be a winner. Surround yourself with losers and…

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