Using Dropbox As Your Company’s Network Drive

Here is an interesting article on the rise of Dropbox.

This article resonated with me because we use Dropbox all the time at Bundle City. In fact, it has completely replaced our internal network. Where in the past we would store documents on network drives, now we put everything in Dropbox. That way, not only can we access those files while in the office but we can access them from anywhere.

Moreover, Dropbox allows us to securely share very large files with people outside of our organization. Gone are the days where we have to send emails with very large attachments. Now we just include a link to the file that’s stored in Dropbox. This way the email recipient simply clicks on the link and views the file as if it were an attachment to the email.

This is a great example of an innovation that allows small companies like ours to operate as if we were a multi-national company. If you’ve got a small business, you need to be aware of and use these types of innovations to even the playing field.

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